White Flame Aura Quartz Crystal Cluster

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This is an individually listed beautiful specimen piece of rare White Flame Aura Quartz Crystal, very hard to find in stores in Australia.

It is 212 grams in weight and measures 80mm x 60mm in size. 

Few can resist the beauty of Aura Quartz crystals with their shimmering iridescence and metallic rainbow sheen in colors that defy nature yet enchant the senses. Aura Quartz crystals have been part of the New Age movement since the 1980’s, prized for their ability to expand the consciousness and heal the physical and spiritual body with their extraordinary high vibration. While most practitioners prefer natural, untreated stones for their metaphysical work, many consider Aura Quartz, with its pure components and synergistic energies, to be the exception to the rule.
This piece is of exceptional quality and will be stunning addition to your crystal collection, would also make a gorgeous unique gift for someone special!

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