Hex Spell Reversal Hematite Crystal Candle

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Are you feeling surrounded by negativity or afraid you've been cursed?

Then try one of our handcrafted Hematite Crystal Hex Reversal Spell Candles.

These ritual candles have been made using high quality Hematite Crystals, and anointed with a deep masculine opium fragrance. By using the grounding and protective qualities of the Hematite and a powerful chant you can return any malice, hatred or negative energies back to toxic person who sent it your way. 

Each candle comes with detailed instructions on how to complete your ritual and one of our custom match boxes so you can authentically light your candle each time you complete your magical practices.

Included:  3 x Ritual Votive Candles (burn time approx 4hrs), 1 x custom matchbox and ritual spell instructions.

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