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Black Cat Coven Couture

Feather Smudge Wand Set- Black Obsidian

Feather Smudge Wand Set- Black Obsidian

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Our feather smudge wand sets each contain a one of a kind handmade feather smudge wand, a smudging sea shell and a medium stick of sacred White Sage, all you need to smudge and purify your sacred space.  Also included is an instruction card with tips for those new to smudging and cleansing. 

This gorgeous wand has been handcrafted with quality feathers and is adorned with a Black Obsidian Crystal arrowhead.  Metaphysically black obsidian is said to resonate with the Root Chakra and correspond with the zodiac sign of Sagittarius, it has been associated with magical practices throughout time and is still a very popular stone in westernized magic.

All of our boutique products are gift wrapped and come with free express postage  Australia wide. Afterpay, Laybuy and Humm available across the range.

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