Fairy Dreams Crystal Candle

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Fairy's are said to be elemental spirits who are guardians and protectors of nature and plants. Residing in the enchanted  land of "Faeire" this magical otherworld is a place of power that is said to reveal itself to certain people, especially if they approach a tree or flower with honest pure intentions and an open heart. 

These one of a kind fairy inspired candles have been hand dressed with pieces of Amethyst Crystal and Selenite.  Amethyst is used as an aid for meditation and the opening of the third eye and Selenite has a beautiful light energetic frequency that promotes honesty and clarity with the inner self. 

Each candle has a sweet floral scent and comes with a small ceramic fairy figurine and a pack of "Fairy Dreams" incense, perfect for placing on your Altar or in your sacred space to allow for some good vibes and channel some fairy magic!

Included:  1 x medium sized glass ritual candles (approx burn time 20 hrs), 1 x Match Box, 1 x fairy figurine and 1 x pack of Fairy Dreams incense.

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