Crystal Water Bottle: Interchangeable Crystal Points

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Our range of Crystal water bottles feature interchangeable natural crystal points so you can choose a crystal to suit your mood! 

Metaphysical Benefits of Crystals:

Amethyst: The stone of Spirituality, helps promote mental clarity, gives protection and ensures purification.

Rose Quartz: The “Love” Stone, emits a high vibration of love, joy warmth and emotional healing.

Fluorite: A stone that promotes focus and positivity, great for use in the workplace as it aids concentration.

Jade: The “Luck” Stone, is said to attract money, love and friendship.

Black Obsidian: A powerful protection stone, perfect for grounding and centering while increasing your resistance to negative influences.

Citrine: A stone to help you find your personal power, attract prosperity and bring a vibrant energy into your life to lift your levels of happiness.