Essential Oil Crystal Roller Bottles

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Try a new way of enjoying your essential oils, by pairing them with healing crystals!

Each glass roller ball bottle is empty and ready to be filled with your favorite oils. You can make your own unique blends by adding the carrier oils and essential oils direct into the crystal filled bottle. The top of each roller is a solid crystal gemstone and can be removed and added to any other roller bottles you already have with a prepared blend. 

Each roller bottle comes in it's own gift bag and has an accompanying Crystal information card.

Black Obsidian: A powerful crystal for protection, helps to cleanse your aura of negativity and difficult emotions. Use for grounding and healing the root Chakra.

Rose Quartz: The "Love Stone"! This gorgeous crystal has a strong vibration of unconditional love, joy, happiness and emotional healing. Is opens the heart to all forms of available love and bring soothing to the stressed soul.

Green Aventurine: The stone of prosperity and luck, it helps to stimulate perception and boost your creativity. Helps to dissolve anger, irritation and resentment. A versatile healer that  improves the emotional balance of the heart Chakra.

Turquoise: The "Truth"stone. Turquoise is directly linked to the throat Chakra and is used to enhance your communication skills, by increasing your level of intuition and allowing the soul to express itself. A highly spiritual stone that assists on the road to enlightenment.

Tigers Eye Stone: A stabilizing stone that levels mood swings and releases tension, whilst helping to boost self confidence and courage. It helps to stimulate taking action and making decisions with discernment and understanding.

Amethyst: The stone of "Spirituality". This powerful crystal is perfect for helping you receive divine guidance and insight by boosting your insight and intuition. It imparts a calming energy that brings clarity to mind by working on the crown Chakra.

 Lapis Lazuli: Is a protection stone and perfect for those on their spiritual journey. It has the ability to reduce stress and tension, releasing a soothing energy of calm and peace. It is used to awaken the Third Eye Chakra and assist’s you in going deeper during meditation. 

Sodalite: Has a strong vibration that is useful for developing your psychic abilities and intuition, it often used to help one understand difficult concepts and philosophy's.

Clear Quartz: The Master of all crystal stones. It has the power to amplify, restore and release energies. It is perfect for using during meditation as it can clear mental blocks and give clarity and focus to the mind. It can be used in combination with any other crystal as it is known to amplify the metaphysical properties of other stones.

Rainbow Fluorite: A stone that promotes focus and positivity, great for use in the workplace as it aids concentration.

 Red Jasper: Is known as a stone of vibrancy and endurance. It helps to bring clarity around your intentions and to manifest your desires.  It generates a potent life force and gives direction during times of uncertainty.

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