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Crystal Chips

Crystal Chips

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We have a large selection of Crystal Chips ready for you to try.  These tiny little beauties have a variety of uses within the craft.  They are prefect for using in small spell jars and pouches, for placing on crystal grids and mandalas, to bring a magical energy to terrariums and fairy gardens.  These Crystals come in a glass tube and weigh approx. 50 grams each. 

Amethyst ~ Crown Chakra, Awakening and spirituality. Green Aventurine~ Abundance, use in workplace, Black Tourmaline ~ Protection, Carnelian~ Creativity & Confidence,  Yellow Jasper~ Root Chakra & Positivity, Rose Quartz ~Love, Brown Jasper- Root Chakra- calming, Tigers Eye~ Solar Plexus- Career advancement, Citrine~ Prosperity, Smoky Quartz~Absorbing negativity, Pyrite~ Wealth, Sodalite~ Calming, Shungite~ Grounding.

All of our boutique products are gift wrapped and come with free express postage  Australia wide. Afterpay, Laybuy and Humm available across the range.

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