Carnelian Crystal Rune Candle

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This gorgeous Crystal candle has been made with Carnelian Crystal Rune stones and polished Carnelian crystal chips.  It has a sweet vanilla fragrance that smells lovely when burning and will add a beautiful ambience to your sacred space.

Carnelian Crystals have been highly valued throughout the ages by many civilizations for their metaphysical properties and are used as a powerful talisman.  They are a mineral that comes from the Quartz family and can vary from bright orange hues to deeper rusty browns.  These intense colours are most associated with the Zodiac signs of Virgo  and Sagittarius and represent empowerment and manifestation.

Runes are an ancient form of divination that is thought to have been created by the Nordic god Odin.  Each rune stone is hand carved with a symbol that corresponds to a particular meaning, allowing you to use them to ask questions and seek answers. They can also be arranged in a spread just like in Tarot. Each rune also represents a sound so they can be used in multiples to spell out words. 

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