"Angel Light" Crystal Spell Candle

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Use our special handcrafted "Angel Light" spell candles to cast a spell to call upon your spirit guides and to ask for their assistance and spiritual guidance.

These spell candles have been hand dressed with gorgeous crystal chunks of Quartz and Selenite Crystals, and finished with a sprinkling of coarse sea salt, an ingredient used in witchcraft over the centuries for cleansing and protection spells. 

Accompanying each candle is an affirmation spell card to help you complete your ritual, a sweet little angel figurine to place in your sacred space and also a packet of premium masala "Angel Protection" incense sticks.

Selenite is said to vibrate at an incredibly high frequency and can assist in opening the third eye, working with the crown chakra and connecting with spirits guides and angels.

Included1x medium sized spell candle- Vanilla scented (burn time approx. 25 hours) 1 x box of matches, 1x Ritual Instruction card,1 pack of premium Masala "Angel" Incense sticks and 1x Angel figurine. 

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