Witchcraft 101 Advice

                                    Magic Explained 
Witchcraft is the art of practicing magic. There are many types of magic that can used including the following:
Natural Magic= Involving the use of candles, herbs, crystals and other naturally occurring objects in spells to direct energy with positive results.
Folk Magic= Using old superstitions and cultural practices to find answers to questions.
Sympathetic Magic= Takes the use of colours, objects and special placement to show your desire and invoke a particular outcome.
Divination Magic= Using specific tools and objects such as Tarot cards and Pendulums to connect to the universe’s knowledge and gain sight into the future.
Healing Magic= Using holistic healing through working with Auras, Chakras, intuition and tapping into the universal energy to achieve physic and spiritual oneness.  This also covers the area of dream interpretation and connection to the unconscious world.
High Magic= This involves calling on a particular deity for power and chanting a spell out loud along with the use of objects and tools.
Black Magic= Black magic is practiced by invoking malicious spirits and attempting to use their powers for evil purposes. At Black Cat Coven we don’t promote this as we just never know what the outcome can be when dealing with unpredictable dark forces.