Ancestor Altar Candle

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This gorgeous toasted caramel candle has been handcrafted with the intent of being used for Ancestor worship. It has been dressed with a Quartz crystal point, Carnelian crystal chips and Frankincense resin incense.  Carnelian is an ancient stone that was highly prized by the Egyptians and used in their death rituals, it was regularly placed among the dead to help ease the transition into the spirit realm. Frankincense is a special incense used to cleanse your sacred space and is said to aid in the connection with angels and spirit guides and to carry prayers to heaven. These ingredients make this candle absolutely perfect for keeping on you Altar and lighting when you want to send a message of love and light to the other side to connect with your spiritual allies and wisdom bearing ancestors. 

Included: 1 x Medium Sized Glass Candle (approx burn time 15 hrs) and custom matchbox.

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