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Using Magic for Protection- FREE PRINTABLE SPELL

This week our FREE spell printable is on the topic of psychic protection.

Sometimes in life we might be feeling a bit mentally down or perhaps a little fearful of certain situations that are presenting themselves on our path.  A good way to break free from the negative mindset and give yourself a little boost in confidence is by casting a protection spell.  This spell is great for situations where you want to block another persons negative psychic energy from having influence on you or your state of mind.

 Your intention when practicing this should not be to harm anyone else but to simply place a band of protection around your own happiness and mental wellbeing by preventing the negative energies and opinions of others from having any effect upon you. This can be a really great mental tool to help you deal with toxic people who you may have to deal with on a regular basis, such a relatives and workmates who's negative energy can have a detrimental effect on your personal energy and aura.

We hope you have good result with this spell and that it may add some value to your life.  Blessed Be!




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