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Spells for Candle Magic

If you are curious about candle magic then try some of these spells and see if you have any success. We would love to hear of your results so  drop us a line at blackcatcovencouture@gmail.com and we can share your stories in our next blog post.
Goal Spell- Use an orange candle.
Wick of cotton, wax of bee, Attend, alert listen to me:
Candle burn, consumed by fire,
An come to pass what I desire,
Flames creep down, to iron pin,
Release the power, contained within.
Power rise, as twisting smoke,
Attain the goal that I invoke!
Luck Spell- Use an orange candle:
Light at midnight and repeat the spell
"Brimstone moon, and witches fire,
candlelight's bright spell.
Good luck I shall acquire.
Work thy magic well, midnight twelve, the witching hour
Bring the luck I seek, By wax and wick now work thy power
As these words I speak.
Harming none this spell is done,
By the law of three so mote it be.
Warning spell for enemies- Use black candle:
Blood turn black and flesh turn blue,
I will curse you if you force me to,
by the left hand and the unclean food,
I'll curse your eyes, I'll curse your  lies
I'll call down a plague of flies,
blood go black and flesh go blue
evil from me and back to you
my soul clean and yours on fire,
you mess with a witch, you get burned liar.
Banish Negativity Energy: Black Candle
Light the black candle in front of a mirror and say:
" Any dark or evil force
May now return to it's source
May my home and I be free
Safe and well- so mote it be"
Wealth Spell : Green Candle,Sage Incense, Salt and Water
Light the incense and say
"May air blow riches towards me"
Light the candle and say
"May fire light my way"
Put some salt on your tongue and say
"may earth grow my fortune"
Drink the water and say
"May the water cleanse me today"
Leave incense and candle to burn out and leave a bit of each element on your altar till money comes.
Depression Banishment Spell: Use Pink and Yellow Candles
Light both candles and chant the following:
"Blessed Goddess of love and light
Please come help me on this night
My heart is heavy and my feelings are blue
My soul is sad I don't know what to do....
Help me banish the pain I feel,
This lackluster feeling has no appeal
Help me see the love begin and
feel my heart be light again,
Let me climb up from this hole,
And be with you body and soul.
I ask thee Goddess on this night please
Help me myself alright!
So mote it be!