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Friday the 13th- September Harvest Moon Ritual.

 Happy Friday the 13th!

Okay seriously most of us associate Friday the 13th with superstition, bad luck, horror movies and death, however this is only beacuase of pop culture.  Over the centuries this day has actually been considered to have a special spiritual significance as a day to honour the divine feminine goddess. Have you ever noticed that the people around you have a completely different energy on a Friday? The excitement of the coming weekend gets us pumped up and ready to focus on relaxation and fun after a tough week.  Well its no coincidence that Friday is Venus Day, the best day of the week for socializing, romance,  connecting with others and fostering some loving vibes.

Tonight is also a full harvest moon and it's very rare to have this occur on the 13th, happening only once every 30 or so years, so make sure you take advantage and complete a ritual. We will experience a Pieces full moon and this represents a dynamic flow of opposing energies- the harmony of light and darkness. It is a time for dreaming, nostalgia, intuition, psychic impressions and spiritual activities.

Full moons are an opportunity to release what no longer serves us, embrace the cycle of rebirth by shedding the past and moving forward to the future.


Here is a ritual to try under this special moon:

~Set up a sacred space by lighting candles or incense.

~Meditate for 5-10 mins.

~Write a list of elements/situations/people/habits and behaviours you wish to let go of.

~Feeling the willingness to release, burn the list and then drop in a bowl of water.

~Set yourself on the next path by taking a salt bath whilst visualising the new actions you will take in the upcoming chapter of your life.


This is a blessing you can recite after your ritual to mark its completion:

Cleansing power of the energy of the full moon,

Enhance the positive energy in my life

And fill my days with joy and laughter.

Cleansing power of the energy of the full moon,

Open my home to positive energy

And let it be a safe haven from the world

Cleansing power of the energy of the full moon,

Bring the presence of spirit into my life,

To guide me on my journey as I fulfill my life purpose.

Cleansing power of the energy of the full moon,

Please accept my appreciation and gratitude

For all that is good in my life.

And So it Is!


Don't forget to place your crystals outside for a moon bath and make some moon water to use for creating elixirs in the coming month. 




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