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FREE PRINTABLE: Wheel of the Year

This weeks FREE printable for your Book of Shadows is a page featuring the "Wheel of the Year", honoured by pagans worldwide.  It shows the eight important yearly events and cycles that are of significance to many who appreciate nature and follow the practices of Wicca or Paganism. 

The celebrations include the following:

~Yule: Winter Solstice
~Imbolc: The promise that Spring will return.
~Ostara: Spring Celebration of Fertility.
~Beltane: The middle point between Spring & Summer.
~Litha: Summer Solstice and Harvest.
~Lughnasadh: Celebration of the first summer harvest and the mid point between summer and autumn.
~Mabon: Celebration of Autumn's arrival and the equinox.
~Samhain- Honouring the souls of the dead as the veil between worlds is at it's thinnest.

This vintage style printable will be the perfect addition to your journal. 
                                             "Blessed Be"

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