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FREE PRINTABLE: "The Seventh Chakra"

This weeks FREE printable is all about the "Sahaswara", the seventh of the sacred Chakra's. So what are Chakra's? If your new to spirituality here is a quick summary. Every human being has a set of seven energy points that align on the spinal column, commonly referred to as Chakra's.  When any of these Chakra's are out of alignment it can cause a range of issues in a persons wellbeing both physically and mentally By using mediation, crystals and even taking a visit to an experienced energy healer you can help to unblock these Chakra's and create a harmonious energy with in your body and reap many benefits.

     The Seven Chakra's are as follows:
  • "MULADHARA"- BASE: Gives a sense of safety and grounding,works with red crystals.
  • "SVADHISTHANA"-SACRAL: Responsible for sexuality and sensuality, works with orange crystals.
  • "MANIPURA"SOLAR PLEXUS: Cares for your will power and self-confidence, works with yellow crystals.
  • "ANAHATA"-HEART: This Chakra is about Love, whether that be for yourself or others, the best crystal to use is the Rose Quartz as this is known as the "Love Stone".
  • "VISHUDDHA"-THROAT: This Chakra controls our communication with others verbally and is also engaged in our souls creativity, use with blue crystals.
  • "ANJA"- THIRD EYE: This very sacred part of our bodies is in control of our wisdom and spiritual awakening, best used with Lapis Lazuli.
  • "SAHASRARA"- CROWN: Our souls connection with the Divine source and the higher spirits, use with Amethyst crystals.

We hope you enjoy this free printable and that it helps you gain a little more understanding on your spiritual journey.

"Blessed Be"

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