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FREE PRINTABLE: Sacred Smudge Sticks

This weeks FREE printable for your Book of Shadows is a Smudge Stick identification printable.  It features images of sacred smudging bundles that will look gorgeous in your journal. Smudging is an important ritual that many people who follow spiritual practices do on a regular basis, in some cultures many times a day! It a useful tool that you can use whenever you want to do some energetic clearing of your space, it can be especially useful when moving into a new home or work space and after going through difficult emotional situations or arguments involving stress and anger.

  Use the bundles for their special properties as follows:

~White Sage: Use to remove dark or negative energies.

~Juniper: This herb is traditionally utilized as an incense or "smudge" when performing a blessing ceremony or a initiation/ dedication for a new familiar, home or work area as it helps to make a safe environment. 

~Cedar: Burn to absolve your fears and improve your psychic abilities, it used by native Americans to ensure that their prayers are carried on to the almighty.

~Rosemary: Perfect for using to smudge in the home after experiencing an illness as it has been used medicinally in many cultures throughout the ages.

~Lavender: Ideal for smudging your bedroom with, as it has properties to enhance the quality of sleep and carries a peaceful,calming energy. 

~Mugwort: This special herb is used for protection, burn it while you are in a meditative state and practicing your skills in divination, astral projection or Clairvoiyance.

~Paolo Santo: Known as "Holy Wood" and used as a traditional medicine in South America it is a favourite tool of the Shamans to clear negativity and attract good vibrations to your immediate area.

Try using any of these herbs during your next ritual and feel the constructive benefits in your own existence.

"Blessed Be"

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