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FREE PRINTABLE: "The First Chakra"

This weeks post is another FREE printable from our Chakra series, the "Muladhara" more commonly known as the root chakra or the 1 st Chakra. It is located at the base of the spine and when in balance it will help you to feel grounded, stable and energetic. If in an unstable state you may have feelings of insecurity, low self esteem and anxiety.  By meditating regularly you can restore the balance to the root and allow your energy and focus to be rejuvenated. Mantra: "I am". Use dark red and black crystals and gemstones during your mediation for best effect.

     The Seven Chakra's are as follows:

  • "MULADHARA"- BASE: Gives a sense of safety and grounding,works with red crystals.
  • "SVADHISTHANA"-SACRAL: Responsible for sexuality and sensuality, works with orange crystals.
  • "MANIPURA"SOLAR PLEXUS: Cares for your will power and self-confidence, works with yellow crystals.
  • "ANAHATA"-HEART: This Chakra is about Love, whether that be for yourself or others, the best crystal to use is the Rose Quartz as this is known as the "Love Stone".
  • "VISHUDDHA"-THROAT: This Chakra controls our communication with others verbally and is also engaged in our souls creativity, use with blue crystals.
  • "ANJA"- THIRD EYE: This very sacred part of our bodies is in control of our wisdom and spiritual awakening, best used with Lapis Lazuli.
  • "SAHASRARA"- CROWN: Our souls connection with the Divine source and the higher spirits, use with Amethyst crystals.
We hope you enjoy this free printable and that it helps you gain a little more understanding on your spiritual journey.
"Blessed Be"

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