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Common Questions about Witchcraft

Should I Practice Witchcraft, Is it dangerous?

Only you can know if witchcraft is for you. You need to question your motivation for wanting to participate in this particular craft, if your doing it for vain reasons such as to try and fit in with a particular group of people, to harm others or because you think it looks cool, then that's probably not the best reason to get started

 However if your feeling drawn towards it and your seeking some spiritual guidance then that's a better beginning. Witchcraft is deeply personal and no one can tell you what is the correct way to perform a ritual or practice your dark arts, you are working with your own personal energy and only you can tap into that not anyone else. It will not be authentic and much harder to get results if your effectively "faking it" to impress others.  You have to truly believe in your heart, that's where the real magic comes from.

So what about the dangers? Well, there are many different approaches to the practice and how far down the rabbit hole you go is entirely up to you and what your comfort level is, as well as what physic gifts you want to use.  For one person performing regular rituals during the different moon phases and pulling a oracle card daily might be quite enough.  While others may be straight out with a Ouija board diving head deep into the shadow realm trying to summon a demon to do their bidding.  Again no one approach is better than another. 

However.......... some free advice, don't run before you can walk. You are dealing with entities and forces beyond human control and if you dabble with something you do not understand you could get some pretty scary results that could affect not just yourself but others too.  Take it easy when you begin and use common sense. Remember magic is not like the movies and this is real life.


A couple of tips for those interested in witchcraft.

Get some Crystals:

These amazing stones exude energy and have some great healing benefits.  Picking one for the first time will help you practice using your intuition.  Go to a store and hold a few different crystals and choose the one that you feel drawn to.  Don't pick the prettiest rock by choosing with your eyes, but pick the one that has a feeling similar to a magnetic pull. You might not understand it at first but that pull you feel inside is your intuition guiding you to what you need, surprising enough often the crystal you pick will have properties to help improve or heal an area of your life you are struggling with.

Get a deck of Oracle Cards:

Get yourself a deck of oracle cards, not tarot cards. To be able to use Tarot cards to divine an answer correctly is something that takes a lot of skill for an advanced spiritualist.  However anyone can use a deck of Oracle cards and get an instant result. A great habit to try is to pull a card every morning and then take it with you as you go about your day, see how you can put into practice its message for that day.  How do you pick a card? Hold the deck  for a minute or two and clear your thoughts, once your feeling calm, then shuffle the deck, keep shuffling until it feels right to stop, again use your intuition, if a particular card falls out of the pile, that can be a pretty clear sign that's the message for you. Otherwise you can spread the cards after shuffling and then chose one from the spread, turn it over and then read the message, take a few moments to ponder this thought and then it take with you on your daily adventure of life.  Not only does this exercise help to you flex your intuition it's also a great way to practice some mindfulness which is great for your mental health and stress levels.

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By Sarah-May


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